Never Compare Your Beard to Others

Never Compare Your Beard to Others

With so many beards, it's easy to get involved in comparing your beard to other beards. However, in some comparisons, it may be desirable for the beard to be richer, longer, glossier, thicker, thinner, or of a different color. The list can be infinite.

Bigger is not Always Better

At the beginning of your beard journey, you tend to fall into the trap of defining yourself through your beard. If your beard stimulates the confidence you may have been looking for, it may make sense for you that a large beard means more confidence. Therefore, the larger it is, the better. incorrect! Also, to  further test your already tattered ego, people  try to teach that a larger beard is evidence of your genetics. Again, the bigger the beard, the better.

We are What We Think We Are

We ARE what we THINK we are, and in order to BEHAVE differently, we need to THINK differently. All of your behaviour is driven by the emotional state that you are in, change your emotion, change your behaviour. Why is it the same water that hardens an egg, also has the ability to soften a potato? This is because of what it is made of, and you are no different. Perception drives sales in marketing, perception influences your judgement and decision making process, and perception dictates sociological stereotypes.

Control the Mind, and the Body Will Follow

Giving yourself a break may lead to a better you. There internet is full of science of how self esteem can lead to so many things. How mental can lead to physical. Maybe, by feeling adequate, will lead to you being more adequate. The brain responds to whatever you tell it. Think about it, think of something that makes your heart smile, like a baby, a puppy, a kitten, or a steak. See how this changes the way you feel.

No Two Beards Are the Same

This is what I mean be owning your identity, own the fact that you are truly, unique. You are you and no one else will ever be you. Own that. Who cares if your beard is patchy, or even growing fully? Using beard products is not just about achieving a better beard, it is about achieving a better us. The mineral and vitamins alone can lead to a healthier body, resulting in a better you.

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