What is in a Beard?

What is in a Beard?

What is in a beard? A beard by any other name would be so sweet. Well it is not quite a rose yet it attributes emotional responses like that of a rose. We all see them. They are everywhere; these patches or growths of hair on our chins and lower cheek area.

A Man Apart from the Flock

The best embodiment of a bearded man is that of a wolf. Wolves embody loyalty and communication. They show a deep desire for freedom. Most bearded men  seem to reject the established normality of following the beats of another drum like  a boy scout. You show strong  aggression, but this aggression is not limited and can be considered a passionately determined aggression.

Bearded Synonyms

Your Man-Mane has been called by many names: facial hair, whiskers, stubble, designer stubble, five o'clock shadow, bristles; full beard, goatee, imperial, Vandyke, Abe Lincoln, side whiskers, sideboards, sideburns, mutton chops; mustache, mustaches; Yet all these I feel do not give a proper definition. I feel there is no feeling involved in these depictions of what it REALLY is.

Her Bearded Desire

Women want to be able to know that the same man that will guard their home at night will also wipe the tears from their face and console them when they are sad. Another aspect could be that a full bearded man may provide a sense of dominance. This concept is not merely an overbearing objectification but rather a sense of responsibility or personal ownership. However, when she seeks this dominance, she is looking to be convinced that the only person he seeks to possess, is her. This sense of possession may help to reassure her that this full bearded man is seeking a home rather than a house.

Dominant Man

Beards represent a perception or aura of dominance. There are physical characteristics that lend people the perception of a man’s inferiority. A man’s jawline or complexion of his skin can lead people to believe that he is not as masculine as other males. By growing facial hair, this can assist in hiding inferior features and lend to a more prominent male figure. Additionally, men with beards of grandeur tend to pay more attention to other physical aspects of their stature. These men will care more about their physique and more times then not have a more muscular build. Proportionately, this more muscular build may also assist in promoting a more prominent beard.

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