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Beard.On Beard Oil, Charcoal Beard Balm And Beard Face Charcoal Soap: The Premium Beard Conditioning Combo Pack II

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Beard.On: The Premium Beard Conditioning Combo Pack II

Elevate Your Beard Game with Our Revolutionary Products

Beard.On Beard Oil: Give Your Beard the Advantage

Discover Beard.On’s game-changing Beard Oil. Our unique blend of Refined Coconut Oil, Argan, Jojoba, and Castor oils absorbs faster, lasts longer, and is less greasy than other oils on the market. Don't let growing an awesome beard be a struggle – give it the advantage it deserves.

Lock in the Look with Charcoal Beard Balm

Experience the detoxifying and purifying benefits of charcoal with Beard.On Charcoal Beard Balm. This medium-hold balm provides a natural, free-flowing look with a satin-like finish. Enjoy a flexible hold that lets you run your fingers through your beard without it feeling hard or stiff. With the added benefits of our Beard Oil in balm form, control those pesky flyaways effortlessly. Made with natural ingredients like shea butter, it works miracles for your beard.

The Only Soap You Need

Beard.On Charcoal Beard Soap cleanses your beard with natural ingredients like charcoal, while cocoa and shea butter keep it moisturized. Our powerful formula, enriched with plant oils, conditions your beard and hydrates the skin underneath after every wash. Suitable for sensitive skin, this soap bar is the perfect first step in your daily grooming routine.

How to Use Our Products

Beard Oil:

1. Shake 3-5 drops into your hand.

2. Work the oil into your skin and beard.

3. Use a Beard Comb to evenly distribute the oil.

4. For longer beards, use 7-10 drops.

Charcoal Beard Balm:

1. Scoop out a pea-sized amount of balm.

2. Rub hands together and work into your beard.

3. Start at the back of the head and work to the front.

4. Apply evenly from the roots to the tips.

5. Add more as needed.

6. Shape beard to the desired style.

7. Can be used on damp or dry beards.

Beard Soap:

1. Apply directly to a wet or damp beard.

2. Use with a loofah or washcloth if preferred.

3. Rinse thoroughly.

Product Quantities

- Beard Oil: 30 ml

- Charcoal Beard Balm: 50 g

- Charcoal Beard Soap: 100 g

Upgrade Your Beard Care Routine with Beard.On – Because Your Beard Deserves the Best.

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